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The UK roads

The government of the Great Britain confirmed, that transport system of the country is the worst in Europe.

In the report of the transport commission it is announced about the loaded highways, bad work of railways, fuses and a high fare bus-tickets. Professor David Begg, the chairman of the commission, says, that fault of the usual situation is caused by 50 years of insufficient financing and indifference. The commission was founded in 1999 supervising then transport by John Preskott, nowadays vice-premier. The comparative analysis of a situation in Britain and other countries of Europe which has revealed, that passengers and motorists suffer more than "colleagues" from other countries. On 25 % of motorways, at least, one hour a day traffic jams are taking place and this parameter is equal to France and Germany - only 10 % . Average British spends 46 minutes to get to the office, the usual Italian - about 23 minutes.
The biggest "attack"take the British roads as 86 % of travellers use the automobile, and 12 % - use public transport. The tax to gasoline - one of the highest in Europe, Britain in this respect is only overtaken with Denmark and Sweden. The commission has come to a conclusion, that for improvement of a situation of authority should invest in transport system about 300 million dollars the nearest 10 years. Stephen Bayers has declared: " I am sure, that shortly all of us shall see, how work of transport system will be improved."