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Airbus Intergaration Led To $73 Million Saving

The restructuring of the aircraft making group leads to double planned savings...

Airbus has told employees that integrating its assets into one company last year brought savings of 85 million euros, ($73 million), more than double the firms initial target.
Airbus said that the savings came mainly from its greater purchasing power with suppliers, according to an internal memo. Analysts said the company's new structure has helped it to identify high-cost areas.
?Airbus now has a clear view of its own cost base for the first time,? said Sandy Morris, an analyst at AB Amro in London. ?At one point it really didn't know what it cost all its partners to make a plane.?
The European planemaker's assets came under central control for the first time in its 30-year history last year. It said at the time the move would allow it to compete more effectively with the American group, Boeing, its only real rival in the manufacture of big commercial airliners.