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SAS And KLM Forced To Cut Russian Flights

In a move to retaliate against EU noise pollution laws Russia has told the two carriers to cut number of flights to the country...

SAS, Europe's ninth-largest carrier, and KLM have said that they have been told by Russia to reduce the number of flights to the country because of noise rules taking effect at the beginning of April.

SAS will have to cut the number Stockholm-St. Petersburg flights by two a week starting on March 31 and by one a week from Copenhagen, SAS spokeswoman Anna Gillstroem. It flies daily to St. Petersburg from Stockholm and five times a week from Copenhagen. KLM will have to cut Amsterdam-St. Petersburg flights to three a week from seven, said KLM spokesman Frank Houben.

Russia is cutting the number of flights by European carriers to its cities in retaliation for European Union noise regulations starting April 1 that will ground some of its international fleet, the Wall Street Journal reported earlier.

?What we know is that Russia has not fully approved some summer schedules, though we do not know which airlines are involved,? said David Henderson, a spokesman for The Association of European Airlines. ?There is supposed to be a meeting with the Russians tomorrow, after which everything will become a lot clearer.?