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New Swedish Low Cost Carrier

Goodjet aims to compete with the established SAS through low price policy...

Goodjet, a new Swedish discount airline due to start operations at the end of April this year, has said that it expects to make a profit in its first year in the air and might float on the stock market.
It will be the first Swedish low cost carrier to compete with SAS, the flag carrier of Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
"Now is the perfect time for doing it. Now is the easy time to find aircraft, get good rates and find pilots and cabin staff," managing director Reidar Svedahl said.
Reflecting the difficult market conditions, SAS last week abolished its business class by cutting the fares up to 30% and reduced cabin service on all planes to economy class levels.
Goodjet will initially fly twice daily from Gothenburg to Paris and once to Nice with Airbus 320 aircraft seating 180 passengers.
From June, it will also fly from Malmo, on the Swedish border near Demark near Copenhagen, to the two French cities and also between Stockholm and Oslo.
"We have chosen these cities because we think there is a nice mix of business and low-cost travellers," Mr Svedahl said.
The planes will be single class with one way fares starting from 480 crowns (GBP32.50), including taxes and security charges, on all routes.
"The people who book earliest get the best price. Low-cost airline are more first-minute than last-minute booking and the longer you wait, the higher the fares," he said.
Mr Svedahl said between 50m to100m crowns had been invested in Goodjet, which is owned by Swedish private investors.
"I believe we will come out in the black for the first year - not a big one [profit] though," he said.
The company had already been contacted by several investment banks eager to organise an initial public offering but there was no hurry to list, he said.