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Aeroflot Leases Cargo Planes Prior To European Regulation

The national carrier says that it has negotiated to lease four new planes...

Aeroflot, Russia's biggest airline firm, started leasing DC-10 aircraft to replace the Il-76 cargo planes that the European Union noise regulations will ground as of next Monday.

Aeroflot leased a DC-10 from the Irish registered Ten-Forty Corp. and plans to lease three more from the company by next March as it tries to increase revenue from cargo shipments by a fifth this year to about $128 million, said Igor Desyatnichenko, deputy general director for cargo.

?We are striving to make our cargo flights regular and thus expand the business even amid new EU rules,? he said. ?Business can't be built on political efforts to bypass the rules.?

Russia is in talks with the European countries to allow some Russian made jets to fly to Europe after the new noise limits take effect. Aeroflot is the only company that flies cargo from Europe to Japan and China across Russia, a shortcut that has allowed it to gain a ten percent share of the market between Europe and the Far East.