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EasyJet In $6 Billion 120 Plane Contract Negotiations

EasyJet is negotiating with Airbus and Boeing over what may...

EasyJet is negotiating with Airbus and Boeing over what may be the biggest airplane purchase of the year, a hundred and twenty jetliners valued at six billion dollars, people familiar with the negotiations have said.

The competition is good news for Boeing because EasyJet, which is Europe's second largest budget carrier, scrapped plans for an order of 75 Airbus planes from Go Fly Ltd., the carrier that it is in the process of acquiring from the 3i investment group.

EasyJet is buying Go to overtake Ryanair as the region's largest low fare airline. Airbus and Boeing are vying for the sale of the single aisle planes as most airlines are reducing purchases because air travel dropped after the September 11th attacks in the United States.

Go and EasyJet ?are both growing at thirty percent and they both need the planes,? said Chris Avery, an analyst at JP Morgan. ?They could have pushed back some of the requirement, but really you might as well go for volume.?