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Poland´s Lotos gets 1st Canadian crude cargo

Polish oil company Lotos has purchased its 1st ever cargo of Canadian crude.

Polish oil company Lotos has purchased on September 4, 2017, its 1st ever cargo of Canadian crude, as it continues to seek supply diversification.


Lotos on Monday confirmed it was the recipient of a shipment of Hibernia crude loaded on the Minerva Lisa tanker that reached Gdansk last week.

Trading firm Glencore was seller of the crude, according to vessel tracking data, although Lotos has not revealed the supplier.


The Polish firm said the 100,000t cargo is its 1st ever Canadian crude purchase.

Lotos said it continues to seek purchases of spot cargoes that would be profitable for refining at its 210,000 b/d Gdansk refinery.


Urals crude accounts for around 75pc of the refinery's feedstock, but Lotos is increasingly diversifying supplies and had been buying crudes from the North Sea, the Middle East and Nigeria, as well as the spot deals.


The company reiterated it is negotiating with US suppliers for a cargo of US crude blended specifically designed for the Gdansk refinery.


Source : Neftegaz.RU