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Sen Fung Partition Beam Rollforming Machine

Марка: SF-240L
Поставщик: Sen Fung Rollform Machinery Corp
Дата: 08 November 2006 
Группа: Электронные устройства управления электроприводами буровых установок
We are the professional manufacturer of metal sheet cold roll forming machine and steel pipe making machine since 1963. Rollers are designed by computer using roll forming software COPRA of Germany data M and AUTO CAD. We are the sole users of such software in Taiwan. With near 40 year of experience and strict quality control, our machinery meet European CE Specifications and International Standard. We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of cold roll forming machine in Taiwan. We manufacture various kinds of metal sheet cold roll forming machine for producing the following products, Such as:Roofing corrugated sheet, Roofing tile, Wall panel, Sandwich panel, Flooring deck, C channel, C & Z purlin, Light gauge steel, Door frame, Steel rack, Partition beam, Aluminum ceiling strips, Steel pipe, Stainless steel pipe...etc, other various steel products.
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