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Guangdong Zhonghuan Vacuum Equipment Co.

Администрирует: Alex Li
Регистрация: 14 November 2005 
Обновление от: 31 January 2007 
Страна: China
Почтовый адрес: No.60 Changpai Road
Телефон: 0086.0758.283.2524
Факс: 0086.0758.285.5892
Электронный адрес:


Guangdong Zhonghuan Vacuum Equipment company, the largest vacuum equipments manufacturer in south China with over thirty years experience of management, development and production in this field, enjoys its fame as ?High Technology Company? nominated by Guangdong Science & Technology Association, taking the position as vice-chairman in China Vacuum Equipment Association.

With many talented technicians and professional engineers in vacuum and mechanical field, the company has developed more than 100 new items of products enabling itself to take part in international competition with ability to develop and design various types of vacuum equipments as per clients? requirement and needs.

Among all the new designed products, six items obtained State patent in China, three items have been listed in the State Innovation Plan and more than ten items enjoy State technical innovation prize in China.

The company is specialized in design and manufacturing of vacuum equipments that can be used & applied in many fields such as in military defense, in science & technology research, in industry and agriculture, etc.

With advanced technique support and by unremitting efforts of all the staff, the company not only supplies first-rate equipments with competitive price, but also offers best service after marketing and prompt reaction. That is to say, whenever customers need the service of the company, its staff will appear within a shortest possible time.


The main products as below:

1), DM, ZZ Series Vacuum Glass Coating Equipments

2), Magnetic Sputtering Coating Machine for Architectural Glass

3), High Vacuum Optical Multi-Layers Coating Equipment

4), TG Series Poly-Arc Ion Coating Equipment

5), Multi-Purpose Plastic Coating Equipment

6), ZZB Series Winding Type Vacuum Coating Equipment

7), JT Series Magnetic Controlling Sputtering Coating Equipment

8), ZPT Series Auto-Vacuum Exhaust Device

9), Glass Rinsing Equipment

10), Silver Plating Production Line

11), PD Series Lacquer Raining Machine

12), Vacuum Obtaining Pumps

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Sliding Valve Vacuum pump

Roots Vacuum Pump

Oil-Diffusion Pumps

13), ZCB Series Vacuum Packing Device

14), ZG Series Vacuum Dehydrated & Drying Device

15), ZJ Series Fruit Soaking Device

16), ZF Series Negative Pressure Station

17), DL Series Cryogenic Stoves

18), ZY Series Vacuum Food Frying Device

19), ZT Series Vacuum Degassing Equipment

For detailed information, please visit our web below:

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