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Rosneft сould be the key to Iraq-Kurdistan oil deal

Rosneft could be the key in the talks between Iraq and Kurdistan for the full resumption of oil exports from the semi-autonomous region.

06 March 2018 , 09:55Tsvetana ParaskovaNeftegaz.RU0

Georgia to purchase natural gas only from Azerbaijan

Georgian annual energy assessment shows that Georgia will not purchase any natural gas from Russia this year.

19 February 2018 , 00:02Neftegaz.RUThe Jamestown Foundation0

Russia seeks new gas markets in South Asia as sanctions bite

Under pressure from EU and U.S. sanctions, Russia is turning to South Asia for new customers to buy its natural gas.

09 January 2018 , 00:01Yuji Kuronuma, NikkeiNeftegaz.RU0

Is Russia’s Middle East endgame trouble for global energy markets?

Moscow is slowly becoming the Middle East's, and by extension the global energy industries', power broker for the 21st century.

25 December 2017 , 02:00Neftegaz.RU0

Russia and China grow closer as the new Silk Road unfolds

China's Belt and Road Initiative heralds a new era with mega infrastructure projects dotting the landscape.

18 December 2017 , 00:02ZeroHedgeNeftegaz.RU0

The geopolitics of Poland’s «3 Seas Initiative»

Poland's initiative to date is a thinly-disguised geopolitical attempt to create a counter to the influence of both Russia to the east and of Germany to her west.

11 December 2017 , 00:03F. William Engdahl, Global ResearchNeftegaz.RU0

Russia plans 1st-ever sale of yuan bonds

Russia reportedly prepping a $1 billion yuan-denominated bond issuance in an effort to preemptively diversify financing risks away from the West.

04 December 2017 , 00:02Zerohedge economics blogNeftegaz.RU0

The 10 most influential oil countries

Here's what's going on in the countries that have the power to make or break the oil market.

27 November 2017 , 00:04Zainab CalcuttawalaNeftegaz.RU0

U.S. LNG faces headwinds in Asian markets

Russia may have beaten the United States to the punch when it comes to tapping into growing Chinese demand.

13 November 2017 , 00:03Daniel J. GraeberNeftegaz.RU0

Petroyuan may supplant petrodollars as Russia’s oil & gas replace US influence in Asia

The «Great Game» over oil and energy dominance is being played out in Asia's energy markets.

30 October 2017 , 00:03Peter GuyNeftegaz.RU0

Russia’s nuclear sector is surging

The rise of Russia's Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation came about as a result of massive state centralization and unification.

16 October 2017 , 00:02Viktor KatonaNeftegaz.RU0

Russia and Saudi Arabia are becoming unlikely allies

5 years ago, the idea of OPEC and Russia working together on any oil and gas issue would have seemed absurd to any energy analyst worth his or her salt.

02 October 2017 , 00:04Neftegaz.RU0

Does Russia really need the OPEC deal?

OPEC and Russia are coordinating the 1st joint OPEC/non-OPEC deal to curb oil output since 2001, but the apparent unity in the face of lower-for-longer oil prices doesn't disguise the fact that the cartel and Russia have separate agendas for production, expansion, and global market shares.

25 September 2017 , 00:03Neftegaz.RU0

Russia’s Arctic oil is off limits for private drillers

On the last day of summer 2017, Russia's PM Medvedev held a government session dedicated to the development of the country's territories in the Arctic.

19 September 2017 , 12:10Shadow Governance IntelNeftegaz.RU0

Can Russia develop its shale reserves?

Russia's tight oil will play an increasingly important role in its oil output, underpinned by the fact that 20 % of its current reserves already belong to the «tight» category.

11 September 2017 , 00:02Viktor KatonaNeftegaz.RU0

Russia’s comeback in the LNG race

In a little more than a month's time, Russia will formalize its claim for a bigger role in the ever-expanding global LNG market.

04 September 2017 , 00:02Viktor KatonaNeftegaz.RU0

Venezuela’s «oil fire sale» to benefit Russia and China

Now, there's talk of U.S. sanctions on PDVSA in particular. Here's how that may play right into Russia's and China's hands.

28 August 2017 , 00:02Kent MoorsNeftegaz.RU0

$12.9 bln Essar Oil deal with Rosneft-led consortium concluded: 10 things to know

Essar successfully concluded sale of Essar Oil to Rosneft and Trafigura-UCP Consortium for $12.9 billion. The deal is Russia's largest ever foreign investment and India's largest FDI.

21 August 2017 , 12:00Neftegaz.RU0

Russia eyes rapid Middle East energy expansion

Iran, Iraq and possibly even Syria will become the new hub of Russian oil-related investments.

14 August 2017 , 00:02Viktor KatonaNeftegaz.RU0

Japan-Russia gas pipeline mostly a pipe dream

A proposed natural gas pipeline linking Japan and Russia remains on hold despite being discussed at a summit meeting between Japanese PM Abe and Putin.

07 August 2017 , 00:01Takayuki TanakaNeftegaz.RU0

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