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Wage Heaven

Figures released show that the average monthly wage has rocketed in Tyumen?

Real incomes in the Tyumen Region in the year of 2001 increased on average by 15.6 percent, ranging from a gain of 19.2 percent in the Khanty Mansiysk Autonomous Region, to 15.3 percent in the Yamalonenetskiy Autonomous Region and 9.4 percent in the southern parts of the region.
According to this estimate, the nominal average monthly wage per worker in the region from January-November 2001 was US$315. The difference between the levels of payment for labor in the south of the region is generally explained by the special geo-economic features of the area.
As previously, the wages of the workers in certain areas were somewhat higher than the average of the whole region. Before November 2001 the average wage in the whole area was $395 per month, whilst in the Khanty Mansiysk Autonomous Region this was US$522, in Yamalonenetsk a level of $405 and in the South only $145.
A change in the infrastructure of the region has led to changes in the income of the local people. In November 2001 average monthly wages changed to the following levels:
Khanty Mansiysk autonomous region from approximately $600 to $900
Yamalonenetskiy from $420 to $650
Southern area from $150 to $200

,In the past a reason for a poor economic welfare of inhabitants in the region has been the delay in payment of wages by employers?Unfortunately however, despite a large reduction in such practice, in 2001 it has still been occurring. At the beginning of 2002, over four hundred and seventy firms operating in the region had delayed payment to over ninety seven thousand employees. The value of delayed wages is estimated to be over $30.5 million.


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