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ON 17th of July the governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug Mr. A.Filipenko answered on questions of informational agency Neftegaz.RU

The first half-year 2001y has finished. With what parameters of economical and social development the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug has approached this boundary?

ON 17th of July the governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug Mr. A.Filipenko answered on questions of informational agency Neftegaz.RU

The first half-year 2001y has finished. With what parameters of economical and social development the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug has approached this boundary?

A.Filipenko :
The positive dynamics of social and economic development is prolonged in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug under the totals of the first half-year. Rates of growth are above those of the last year.
Oil output (oil being our main product), increased by 5 million tons in this half-year. To the end of year the level of output will amount to 10-11 million tons, and over 190 million tons in 2001 year.
I can tell, that increase of production volumes exists in our basic branches. Stable parameters in the electric power industry - in this production we are the second in Russian Federation. The gas output, production in wood industry was increased. All this has had a positive effect on financial outcomes. We corrected our budget already in June. Such need has arisen because of incomes, which have exceeded scheduled parameters.

Your formula of successful economical development of the territory is maintenance of balance of 3 parties concerns: federal center, regional and mining companies. What problems of today you have to decide in this regard?

A.Filipenko: It is necessary to provide balance between the main participants of process: the producer, state and particular territory, - the subject of Russian Federation, the population of the region. It is true, I am convinced, if the balance will not be supplied, the situation will be not stable, that will preclude to more effective work of economy with all its consequences.

This is an important issue for me, for districts, because the balance reached as a result of the previous activity today is disturbed. It is connected with those changes, part of which was offered, and part was already fixed in the tax code and in interbudgetary attitudes. What we made yesterday for urging production, creation more comfortable conditions to the producers, today are just undone by a federal legislation. New conditions have appeared, in which we should receive the adequate solutions to return this situation to reasonable - indispensable balance of concerns. From this point of view, there was a most serious reallocating of the incomes for the benefit of the federal budget, means, we should find any gears of compensation, which one would allow territory to correct this balance. All capabilities unconditional are, I hope, that we can realize them.

What tasks does the region administration set up for now and for future on the development of transport network, infrastructure of aviation, fluvial and railway transportation?

There are no special innovations. We have formulated conceptually, and at a level the programs development of a road network and development of air transportation. First of all, certainly, from a standpoint of creation of ground-level facilities, airports. It concerns too fluvial and railway transportation fluvial, in that measure, in which we are interested, and in which one we can influence the situation. As to railway transportation, being inscribed in those conditions, which are tendered by federal patterns and, accordingly, the Ministry of Means of communication.
The activity in creation a latitude corridor of Tomsk - Khanty-Mansiysk - Perm is our priorities in development of transport and road network, which is prolongation on our territory of a northwest transport corridor. In connection with the creation latitude transport corridor, there was a necessity of creating bridge transition through Irtysh in region of Khanty-Mansiysk, and it gives us a capability to organize through motion, as a minimum, on 1,5 thousand kilometers to connect a western part of the region through Nyagan, exit to Ivdel, Sverdlovsk area and on Perm.
Also we work on formation of meridian transport corridors. For example, reconstruction of a road of Tobolsk - Kogalym. As the majority of this road today has federal value, it is necessary to conduct activities for increase of a level of cover.
Still there is to the perspective solution of local problems - a building of a road, which will connect Urai to the railway. We have passed already majority of a path, therefore it is necessary to be actuated to complete this construction.
An extremely important direction is northwest of an autonomous area. As to development of a road in subauroral Ural, in piedmont and mountains, today this problem we successfully solve. It is connected just to creation of an indispensable transport network for development of Northern Ural, mining development of a solid mineral resources, which are in a huge quantity and they are simply unapproachable without the solutions in this direction.
As to development of air transportation, the international terminal in Surguts airport is created recently and similar activity also finishes in Nizhnevartovsk airport. The capabilities of aero port facilities allow receiving foreign airplanes of all types. In the Khanty-Mansiysk have finished work on the first part of an airport complex. In December the activity will be completely finished. Updating in the navigation equipment.
Thus, the district has three modern nodal complexes: the Khanty-Mansiysk, Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk, it is possible to add to them superb operating - Kogalym, with the less "advanced" 12 ports provide the normal air message. The infrastructure of airports allows operating services not only inside of the region, but also in an external mode. It is connected not only with need of inhabitants, but also firms of a region. The transportations implement from other regions of Russia and countries of CIS, including Belarus, Ukraine and others.
As to development of a fluvial transportation - here it is necessary to speak about updating of fleet passenger carriers and, certainly, berthing coast facilities. We have raised the question about redeployment in the Khanty-Mansiysk - Irtysh shipping company. 70 % of a freight turnover is carried out on the territory of an autonomous area. Therefore has risen the question about redeployment department of waterways control.
The transportation grew more, than one third in the last year. There is an intensive development too, it requires more severe attitude on conditioning safety of motion, it is activity with a fairway, with a construction of a mouth of the river and etc.
Railway. We have refreshed the agreements with the Sverdlovsk railway, have undertaken obligations to support divisions, which work in the autonomous area. First of all our care is passenger traffic. We have gained a significant amount of coaches for formation passenger trains. The seasonal spikes became already problem for our autonomous area. Our main task is to increase throughput capacity of the Surgut station, as the freight traffic in this direction was increased by 30 % last year. But today there are some problems in this direction.
There is a program of electrification in this direction of the railway, formation of the second ways on the loaded segments.
We fund renovation of railway station in Nizhnevartovsk and number of other stations.

The Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug consumes a great quantity of resources produced by other regions. It is commodities of metallurgy, oil machine building (engineering), food etc. It presupposes adjustment of tight connections with different regions. What regions present priority for the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug?

The Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug is attractive for the producers from others Russian regions as a huge market of commodity. Huge quantity of metal, machines, equipment of different types. The populations of the district is 1,5 million. The purchasing capacity is more, than average level in Russian.
We have built up enough new buildings, in this connection it is possible to realize a lot of goods, bound with a construction of housing. We have concluded huge quantity of the agreements with different Russian regions, the political documents. In my opinion, they work enough structurally, successfully; provide a comfortable mode for those firms of the district, which directly work with other regions.
Large exhibition - presentation with the concluding of the applicable agreements with the Nizhniy Novgorod area recently was held. We work successfully with Bashkiria, Mordovia, Penza, with Moscow, with St.-Petersburg and many others. I can confirm, we are interested in the producers of that commodity, which uses a consumer demand of our firms of a fuel and energy complex, first of all, of electric power industry, oil and gas industry, geologic branch. We consume metal, cement and other materials; also commodity of high technologies firms, bound with research of entrails, and highly qualified administrative transactions. This is perspective direction for those who would like to offer the services.

KhMAO is part of the Ural federal district. What positive or negative moments for your activity as governor has brought the first year of operation of the presidential plenipotentiaries institute?

There is no basis to speak about any negatives for me. We cooperate structurally also with P.Latyshev - the plenipotentiary of the president of the Ural Federal district. We attempt to organize a team working so that to decide those problems and problems, which exist in the okrug.

There is re-structuring schedule of power engineering of country. How will it influence the Russian economy?

In my opinion, it is difficult to make an unequivocal conclusion of what is offered and considered today, and as a fact government already accepts about it. But in today's version the program contains some threats, which we have to minimize. In this case, I would consider as exact, that a principle in this reform "not to do much harm" prevailed.
In any case, it is necessary, that such normal and effectively operational power system, as ours, with high-performance of reliability, is not used as a " samples of pen ", site for experiments. The power safety of Russia depends on its normal and reliable operation, as this system provides with the electric power main oil and gas fields. I do not speak that it supports other regions, as it is exuberant. I would like, that particular steps were considered together with us, how to execute this reform.

60 % of all Russian oil and 3 % of gas is mined in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug that makes a prosperity of region strongly dependent from the several factors, for example, price for oil and gas. Does the administration of the okrug take any measures to lower this dependence?

It is necessary to speak about the solution of this problem - the redemption of this dependence in the okrug. We have to be realists. Today over 90 % of economy is connected with firms of an oil and power complex, though we work on the development of diverse industry branches. It is wood industry, in which we invest much. We attempt to attract diverse investors. The program consists of processing of timber, building of two plywood centers and creation of pulp and paper factory. This perspective direction is not only in оkrug, but also in Russia.
We are occupied with a direction, new for us; we participate in development of telecommunications. It is fiber optic communication circuits, new commuting powers, Internet. For this we create scientific institute of informational know-how. We have started to create the educational center, for training the specialists in the sphere of information know-how.
We pay much attention to perspective direction - geological survey of solid mineral resources on subauroral Ural. It is precious metals, polymetals, and very high quality crystal. Now have begun to realize the project, which will allow receiving ultra-pure materials on the basis of crystal, which will allow speaking about qualitatively r ecent trends in the Russian know-how.
Today, if to look the structure of economics of the region without oil industry, we'll find out economics of normal average Russian area. If we shall add there ours oil and power complex with oil output, we have much hypertrophied in good sense of a word economics.
We shall make commodity on 400 billions roubles this year. For a specialist this number is enough to characterize our territory. Further - Moscow is close, that produces commodities for 300 billions roubles.
We go on accumulating our capabilities, in particular of further processing of raw hydrocarbon. , that will give us qualitatively diverse level of our economics.
A number of small companies are already formed, they are functioning.
We would like to create petrochemical and gas firms to supply steeper processing and higher dividends.

The huge natural potential demands large investments. Are the Russian companies capable to satisfy this necessity to the full, or the foreign investments are necessary?

I think, that the Russian companies could satisfy this need considerably. For this purpose it is necessary to create indispensable conditions, to guarantee conditions, in which these investments would be used.
We have created the regional local law, which has allowed increasing influx essentially, first of all of domestic capital, capital of the same oil companies. It is unimportant whether the capitals are borrowed or own. Over a short time we have entered into circulation about 15 new fields. As the new tax code has come into operation, we are compelled to revise the essential part of the solutions adopted in the autonomous okrug within the frame of the regional local law. Thus, a part of the investment projects have lost the attractiveness. On my view, it is necessary to form these incentives. Since it is forbidden to regional authorities, so the federal authorities should make it.
Certainly, the influx of the foreign capital is indispensable. I only hail, if it happens. The joint companies and foreign companies work at our region and in oil producing branch, and in service, first of all in trade service. On my view, presence of a part of the foreign capital as a contrast to the potential investments, which are available in the region, is simply insignificantly. It is possible to increase this capital. For this purpose it is necessary to create new normative base to increase investment attractiveness. Repeatability, and attractiveness of investment conditions are simply indispensable. Only in oil industry the annual requirements in investments is 6-7 bills. $ that is indispensable to support a level of mining. For more active development - up to 10 bill. $ in a year. And it is the huge investment market.

One of the main problems of the oil & gas companies is the differences of a federal legislation and local law of the subjects of Russian Federation. Is this problem resolved in your okrug? What additional difficulties for economical development of the okrug occur during unification of the regional and local law?

We have canceled a number of the solutions, for example, regional law of urging input in operating new fields of oil and gas. In my view, it was an excellent working law, but we were compelled to cancel it, as it has come in a certain inconsistency with the tax code. It is necessary to find replacement to those norms, which functioned in the region. Though, I emphasize, they did not contradict the federal legislation, they were adopted within the frame of that competence, which had the regional authority. A new federal legislation, having fixed by itself an exclusive right of activity with a number of taxes: such as the profit tax and others, has demanded conformity to these new conditions our regional local law.

The important part in maintenance of investment influx is a transparency of activity of the region administration and companies, working at its territory. Are there definite projects to increase the supply with information of economic activities in KhMAO?

Certainly, we have thoughts, ideas, but I am still far from considering, that we have solved the problem of information supply about everything that is done in the autonomous okrug. Though, in my view, for the last year we have corrected a situation. 45 TV and broadcasting companies work in the district, a significant amount of offline mass media. We actively try to place in the Internet. But still we should make much more about informational activity in Russia. Now people, I presume, don't realize the importance of work of 1, 5 millions inhabitants of the region. Which provide over 10 % of the federal budget, produce on 400 bill. roubles of industrial production, that makes more than 7 % from total amount of industrial production in Russian Federation. Less than 1 % of the Russian population makes 7 % of commodity within the frame of financial outcome of all country activity.
We have a lot of problems of federal value, which we solve by our own forces. Securing of power resources, securing of power safety of Russia, securing of prospects in the development of the state. To supply 1 % increase of industrial production, the country needs to receive increase not less than on 1 % of a power resources. In the near 25-30 years the main base for this purpose is the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug.
People should know it, the interested patterns should know, state and representatives of private business etc. It is necessary to make much that the authentic objective and operating information was accessible to everyone, who would like to receive it.

Several large oil & gas companies of country work on the territory of your okrug. What influence do they render on development of the region?

The large oil companies exert direct influence. Much depends on activity of these companies. If they work effectively, they form not only their incomes and not only people, which work in these companies, they form, tax base of territory etc. Therefore we in relationships with the companies, and are aimed to joint efforts to reshape more comfortable conditions for their activity. Because, it is important - to organize normal, effectively operational economics, which is a base for the solution of all social problems, securing of increase in the living standards of the people. The task for any authority - securing of life level and is it necessary to work effectively. All are interested to receive this result.

The life in north conditions is difficult, what social programs of the population support do you execute?

The Duma has approved 44 programs prepared by Government, with the corresponding budgetary securing. It is educational program, and program of public health services, culture, and program of a social protection of the population. The powerful branch is created for their realization, which works with the socially unprotected groups of the people - with children, with studding youth, with the students, veterans, pensioners and invalids of all groups. On my view, these programs act effectively enough today. A main problem, which we put really to make all these social programs oriented to the particular man. It is necessary, on the one hand to optimize the expenditure on the other hand, to create the effectively working mechanism. To work by a principle of economical branches, which one exists. I think we are going in this direction. On principle important is that the similar activity already goes today at the federal level. Some problems in this sense I expressed in the annual message. I have elucidated it tof the population of the autonomous okrug recently.

The remoteness from center influences on educational and cultural level of youth. How the business are in the preschool, school, professional education?

The preschool education and school education is at a stable and good level during the last years. About it speaks essential percent of the graduates of our schools, entering institutes. For last three years quantity of the young people, which end school with golden and argentine essentially has grown. Not so for a long time there were 60 golden medals, and in this year already 120 men. Total in this year more than 300 men.
Brand new is that for last years the professional school and higher school was formed. Some High schools are created, which already have had first graduates. Our concept of education assumes training of the indispensable specialists in the region. The doctors, teachers for school, they should be trained here, instead of to invite from Moscow and St.-Petersburg.
It does not mean, that we attempt to be isolated. Still, we have the most active and broad communications with conventional, recommending themselves educational centers in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Ekaterinburg, Tyumen and Tomsk. We think, that it is that reasonable indispensable compromise, which we realizable today.
Huge effect that we save many young people, which one leaved somewhere earlier and only part from them returned. Especially important is that, forming these centers, we receive intellectual centers, extremely indispensable for any territory. We attempt to reshape today educational centers by principle of our Center of arts for gifted children of a North. Having created it, we in due time have formed at it a new boarding school, educational school and school of arts, then college of arts. Now on the basis of this Center of arts we open the institute of design. Thus, the cycle of training starting with preschool, school education is completed. We lead up the people to a high professional level, with getting higher education in the corresponding orb.
In a district we form three leading educational centers in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk, are obliged to create an intellectual layer.

What programs of revival and development of national originality and traditions of the native born peoples of the North exist?

There is a sufficient quantity of the programs of preservation and development of an ethnos as such: Khanty, Mansi and other small peoples, which live on territory of the autonomous area. It is a number of particular measures, directional on maintenance of conventional branches of economics: deer-breeding, hunting, fish branch. It is connected to support both development of national culture and language, rites, and traditional way of life etc. It is necessary to speak about serious progress in problems of supporting of national culture, art, and as folklore, the literatures etc. There are, on my view, positive changes in supporting of conventional economics, though to speak about the solution of this problem, of all problems, bound with preservation and development of an ethnos Khanty and Mansi I would not do. Still here is a lot of, significant amount of problems.

How do you estimate an ecological condition of okrug? What programs function in the region on ecology improvement?

Ecological condition of different parts of territory is miscellaneous. The considerable part of the area is ecological healthy. The task is not to do harm, but to back up. We have made much to extend recreational zones in ecological sense, reserved natural zones. Our concept, which we have formed, assumes, that not less than thirds of territory of the district, should make such kind of zones. And the activity in this direction is prolonged to supply a mode of recovery of fauna and flora.
There are territories, which have exposed to intensive industrial development, as a result the situation became critical. It is territories, of early and mean adaptation period. It is necessary to accept radical measures for recovery of an environment. For this purpose it is necessary to spend huge means. To reduce hazards of lets, bound with activity of pipeline systems and diverse interquartile sources of contamination of the ambient nature. There is necessity in the monitoring system, monitoring and hardest approbations in relation to the lawbreakers.

What is the most perspective region of Russia?

Of course, one of the most perspective regions is the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. I think, I have said enough to prove it and to realize to the end, you should to come to our okrug.

Source : Neftegaz.RU