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Russian Power Minister Igor Yusufov Greets Oil and Gas Workers

Dear Colleagues, Friends! Take my most sincere congratulations on the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Worker that is celebrated in Russia for the 36th time this year.

Dear Colleagues, Friends!

Take my most sincere congratulations on the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Worker that is celebrated in Russia for the 36th time this year.

This professional holiday is traditionally considered an outstanding event in the life of people who devoted themselves to the problems of oil and gas extraction, development of power industry of Russia. This year we are facing this holiday in a difficult time when there are many unsolved problems in the power industry of Russia, both in manufacturing and in the social spheres.

Nowadays Russian oil and gas companies are fairly independent economically. However, a branch of industry is by all means to have a coordinating center, 'the headquaters' of the branch. RF power Ministry has always fulfilled this task.

Only by effective cooperation of the State (Power Ministry) and oil companies will it be possible to reach results aimed at increasing the effectiveness of Russian Power Industry.

The oil and gas industry of Russia has entered a new stage of development demanding serious alterations in the industry itself as well as in the system of power state regulations. RF Power Ministry together with adjoining Ministries and joint-stock companies have worked out a new edition of Power Strategy of Russia that was supported by the Russian Government and the State Duma.

This document considers basic stages of reforming and development of power industry of Russia for 20 years to come.

Russia sets its hopes on the workers of oil and gas industry, it is this branch that will help the country solve the existing economical problems. It is not in the character of oilmen to be afraid of difficulties. And it has got confirmation. Analysis of power industry results for the first six months of the year shows that on the whole, in spite of many problems, the power industry of Russia is keeping the levels of mining and production reached in the last years, in some branches these levels are growing.

Here are some figures illustrating the development of Russian power industry. The total volume of extracted and produced primary power resources in Russia in the first half-year 2001 is higher than in the same period of 2000 by 2.4% and by 1.8% higher than forecasted. And this increase in the production allowed to solve the basic task of Russian power industry: to provide the country with fuel and energy. And the most important thing - enough fuel resources have been prepared for the coming winter.

Here I would like to single out the oil sector that reached the highest level of production among power industries. During the first half-year as compared to the same period of the last year the extraction of oil and gas condensate increased almost by 6.9% and the growth of oil refining reached 3.1%.

This allowed to considerably increase production of basic petroleum products. I would also like to stress good work of oil companies that managed in spite of considerable indebtedness of key gas-lubricating materials producers, to deliver petroleum products to the enterprises of the industrial sector, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of domestic affairs, Ministry of railroads, EES of Russia, etc.

I think that an important role here was played by the operational group created by the order of Power Ministry that daily considers the current situation in petroleum products production and their deliveries to the Russian market.

Unfortunately, during the first half of the year there has been some reduction in the output of natural gas. On the whole, in the country 294.5 bil cu m have been extracted which is by 0.4% less than last year. The reason is bad conditions of key deposits. I hope that gasmen will manage to solve their problems and by the end of the year will reach the level of production of 590.1 bil cu m according to the established balances.

However today we can stress the following fact: the power industry of Russia keeps on increasing production, providing the domestic market with power resources as well as exporting them.

I'm sure that the problems that power industry is facing now, will be solved, for RF President Vladimir Putin is paying great attention to the problems of the industry branches development.

I'm sure that we will do everything possible to keep and develop the powerful potential of the power industry of Russia.

Russia has enough potential, highly professional personnel and natural resources for successful development of its power industry and oil and gas branch is playing the key role here.

Dear Friends! I congratulate you once again with the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Worker. Wishing you happiness, luck and robust health!

RF Minister of Power
Igor Yusufov

Source : Neftegaz.RU