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Igor Timofeev General Director Izhora Plants

Igor Timofeev General Director Izhora Plants

Igor Timofeev General Director Izhora Plants

1. Please, describe your company in 5 words.
Fabrication of equipment for nuclear and petrochemical industry. We create energy industry of the future.

2. What are the main issues you are planning to address in your presentation at the 2013 Russia & CIS Executive Summit?
I would like to tell representatives of the Russian oil-refining companies that to buy equipment manufactured by local machine-building enterprises is both safer in terms of guaranteed quality of our products and more beneficial in terms of price and after-sales servicing.

3. Why do you think your presentation would be interesting for the delegates?
I hope that information about projects completed by Izhorskiye Zavody during the last few years will be of interest for the delegates. Last year we completed fabrication of equipment for Tuapse Refinery - six largest petrochemical reactors, two of which are unique in weight and dimensions. Each of these two vessels had a weight of more than 1300 tons, and before that similar products were not produced in our country. We proved by such projects that Russian manufacturers are capable to fabricate actual unique equipment, which can be competitive head-to-head and superior in many ways to similar products of top ranked industry leaders in Europe and Asia.

4. What challenges are the local equipment suppliers facing? Do they successfully compete with the foreign companies at the market?
Unfortunately, objectively, many Russian manufacturing companies in various industries still lose competition to their foreign competitors. Reasons vary, but most commonly it happens due to lag in technology and production facilities. Izhorskiye Zavody were lucky in this regard. Six years ago Gazprombank became a shareholder of our company. For all these years to follow multibillion investments have been placed to revamping of production facilities, improvement of industrial safety and creation of comfortable working conditions. Thanks to those investments Izhorskiye Zavody today is an advanced manufacturing company equipped with state-of-the-art facilities meeting every worldwide standard. We can put it baldly that our products outperform similar products of Western competitors in many respects. We meet both requirements of Licensors and ASME Code and in no way less stringent Russian regulations like Rostekhnadzor requirements.
Our target is to break the historic habitual stereotype to the effect that Western made is better than homemade «by definition». We offer to the market premium class goods, of which we can be proud.

5. Which are your most important recent projects?
In 2012 our company forced an entry to the elite club of manufacturers of oil-processing heavy reactors, by
fabricating two unique vessels for TANEKO Project. In 2012 we strengthened our positions in this club having
mastered series fabrication of petrochemical vessels and shipped as many as 10 large-sized vessel-type pieces of
equipment to our Customers.

6. How do you think your participation at our conferences contributes to your business?
I hope that domestic oil companies, having acquired more information about our capabilities, even today will
take thought, that choice of local manufacturer will result in a number of obvious advantages as well as solve
one of the priority national problems: all links of production chain of fuel and energy complex of RF shall rest on
Russian manufacturer and this is, undoubtedly, one of the main components for successful progressive advance
of our State.

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