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Perspective for Turkish Stream project: possible scenarios and challenges

Following the cancellation of South Stream, Russia announced its plans to reroute the pipeline to Turkey, instead of Bulgaria. The new pipeline was dubbed Turkish Stream, with same capacity of South Stream, but less vulnerable to EU competition law.

23 January 2017 , 00:04Ilgar GurbanovNeftegaz.RU9590

Turkmenistan takes tough measures: Analysis

Turkmenistan's reported decision to cut gas supplies to Iran highlights 2 massive issues: the country's lack of hard cash and the problems of a landlocked producer trying to sell its gas in a buyer's market.

09 January 2017 , 00:15John RobertsNeftegaz.RU6510

Can Israeli natural gas reach Europe?

Israeli Ambassador to Azerbaijan announced that his country was «considering the possibility to transport its natural gas to Europe via the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) through Turkey.»

05 December 2016 , 00:04The Jamestown FoundationNeftegaz.RU7220

Has Ukraine scored an own-goal with its transit fee proposals?

Last month, Naftogaz potentially lost $700m/year from the $1.7bn transit revenue it received in 2015 from Gazprom for transiting 64.1 bcm. With the intergovernmental agreement between Russia and Turkey, the 17 bcm/y currently transiting Ukraine for Turkey could well disappear from 2020.

28 November 2016 , 10:39Oxford Institute for Energy StudiesNeftegaz.RU5610

The (German) Politics of Nord Stream 2

An unlikely coalition is emerging in Germany between Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats and the opposition Greens. Increasingly, leading members of both parties want to stop the construction of a second pipeline that will transport gas directly from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea.

14 November 2016 , 00:35Neftegaz.RU7530

Russia-German Pipeline May Break Europe’s Energy Union

In March, nine Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) European Union member states sent a letter to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker objecting to the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.

27 June 2016 , 10:38By Jon Lang, GlobalriskinsightsNeftegaz.RU5830

To boldly go to the Barents

A popular Russian saying goes, "He who does not take risks does not get to drink champagne." In the case of the Shtokman gas field, the saying may be amended to, "He who does not take risks does not stand to make a fortune at the world's biggest natural gas reservoir."

13 June 2012 , 17:08Oleg NikishenkovThe Moscow News2570

the Inuvik Conference ended with hope for a Mackenzie Pipeline announcement this summer

Tune in TODAY for a webcast of the Arctic Imperative Conference organized by Alaska Dispatch Alice RogoffPublisher Alice Rogoff (Photo), featuring Arctic political and thought leaders including: Iceland's President Ólafur Ragnar GrÍmsson, Alaska Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell, former governors Frank Murkowski, and Bill Sheffield, U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich, and many other luminaries.

21 June 2011 , 00:12Dave Harbour, Publisher, Northern Gas Pipelines18420

Vladimir Putin cut the Balkan knot

Holding oil and gas resources without transportation system means nothing. The strategic importance of the Balkans, from the point of view of logistics, is so that this region can become a stumbling block on the way of both the Russian natural gas and the gas from Central Asia.
15 March 2008 , 17:34Alexander DarminNeftegaz.RU11580

What's gonna happen to the Russia's oil fleet?

Russia’s foreign partners should expect essential expansion of Russian fleet soon, and, consequently, an increase of export supplies, according to Braemar Seascope group’s experts. The global demand for oil and petroleum products is on its ever-high level now, and it keeps growing.
24 December 2007 , 13:14Alexander DarminNeftegaz.RU Magazine10650

US Auto Makers Future in Jeopardy

Green cars -- if that adjective can be applied to any car -- are going to have a huge advantage in the global automobile market, according to the World Resources Institute (WRI), a respected, Washington-based environmental research organization.
05 December 2003 , 00:00Sam MaxwellNeftegaz.ru10220

Mayor Pending Pipeline Projects In Russia

By the year 2012, Russian government and company forecasts indicate that Russian oil output will increase...
22 April 2003 , 19:31Andreas WildNeftegaz.ru17000

Construction of Baku - Tbilisi-Jejhan oil pipeline is given start

Construction of oil pipeline will begin in spring (by the end of the first quarter of 2003) and will be finished by the end of 2004. The next round of Azeri-Kazakhstan negotiations under the project of the oil pipeline Baku - Tbilisi-Jejhan will be held in February in Kazakhstan.
04 February 2003 , 00:00Nana BendukidzeNeftegaz.ru10380

The "Blue stream"

1240-kilometer trans-Black sea gas pipeline Russia - Turkey known as the "the Blue stream" project, is put into operation. The gas pipeline has started operation on the eve of December 29. Its capacity is designed for annual delivery to Turkey of 16 billion cubic meters of Russian gas.
17 January 2003 , 00:00Sergei ZaninNeftegaz.ru17130

Construction of a new oil pipeline in the Black sea

Joint Russian ? Greek - Bulgarian negotiations concerning the matter of construction of an oil pipeline Burgas - Alexandropolis were conducted with breaks, since 1994, and realization of this project according to the preliminary estimations will cost $500-700 million.
11 November 2002 , 23:00Nana BendukidzeNeftegaz.ru9050

Russia, China to sign major oil deal

Russia and China are on the verge of signing a major oil deal that will nearly double trade exchanges between the two sides by 2005, Beijing's new ambassador to Moscow said on Thursday. The deal between the Russian oil major Yukos, the national pipeline monopoly Transneft and a Chinese energy concern is likely be signed during a visit to Moscow by Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji that begins next week, ambassador Zhang Deguang said.
20 October 2001 , 16:259790

Russia wants China debt used to finance gas pipe

Russia's Finance Ministry and gas giant Gazprom are in consultations with the Chinese authorities on using some Chinese debt to Russia to finance a gas pipeline, Gazprom said on Monday. ``Chinese debt to Russia, including for armaments' supplies, could be used to finance the project,'' Bogdan Budzulyak, a Gazprom management committee member, told reporters.
20 October 2001 , 15:198840

Pipeline to ease Europe's reliance on North Sea

The European Commission on Monday hailed the construction of a 300km oil pipeline in Ukraine as a crucial step in reducing Europe's dependence on North Sea oil. The pipeline from Odessa to Brody, which was officially opened on Sunday, links up with existing infrastructure to supply Slovakia and central Europe with oil from the Caspian region.
20 October 2001 , 14:578030

Tanker suspected in fatal hit-and-run could leave Canada if bond posted

The Russian operators of an oil tanker implicated in a deadly collision with a U.S. fishing boat want their ship released from Canadian waters as civil lawsuits continue to pile up in the United States and Canada.
20 October 2001 , 14:549540

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