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Analytics // Interview

Interview of Alexander Novak to CNN TV

A. Novak gave an interview with CNN on the sidelines of the 22th World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul.

13 July 2017 , 21:00minenergo RFNeftegaz.RU7990

Interview with Gati Saadi Al-Jebouri, VP of LUKOIL

Mr Gati Saadi Al-Jebouri, LUKOIL Vice President, Head of Middle East Upstream gave an interview on April 10, 2017 in preparation for the 11th edition of the Iraq Petroleum Conference in May 2017.

10 April 2017 , 16:23Neftegaz.RU10120

IRN interviews Vladan Dubljevic, Deputy Minister for Mining and Geological Research, Ministry of Economy, Montenegro

IRN interviews Vladan Dubljevic, Deputy Minister for Mining and Geological Research, Ministry of Economy, Montenegro
05 August 2014 , 16:16IRN7070

Igor Timofeev General Director Izhora Plants

Igor Timofeev General Director Izhora Plants

15 February 2013 , 00:00https://www.europetro.com7920

Nigel Orchard General Manager Process Technology & Equipment - Europe, Africa & FSU

1. Please describe your company in 5 words?

UOP - Refining Petrochemicals & Gas Technology

14 February 2013 , 00:00https://www.europetro.com10170

Sergey Merzlyakov Member of SIBUR LLC Management Board Vice President, Managing director, Plastics and Organic Synthesis Business Unit

1. Please describe your company in 5 words?

Gas processing and production of petrochemicals

13 February 2013 , 00:00https://www.europetro.com8840

Anil Chandramani Chief Investment Officer, IFC

- Please describe your company briefly?
IFC helps companies strengthen their risk management capabilities so they can grow and compete globally

12 February 2013 , 00:00https://www.europetro.com7150

Jean Sentenac President, Chief Executive Officer

1. Please describe your company in 5 words?
Fuels & Chemicals technologies

11 February 2013 , 13:02https://www.europetro.com8650

Head of the Energy and Gas Directorate Anton Gladchenko tells about APG utilisation

Head of the Energy and Gas Directorate Anton Gladchenko tells about APG utilisation

10 April 2012 , 14:29Neftegaz.RU6710

Shale Gas Going Global An Interview With Dave Forest, geologist and formerly advised a worldwide client base on oil/gas, mining and renewable energy at Casey Research LLC.

Dave Forest and I are philosophically aligned. Dave writes "Pierce Points" everyday (and I read it every day) and he is a former Casey Energy newsletter editor. We've started sharing ideas and a key one for both of us is that we see huge shareholder wealth being created for oil and gas investors as the new technologies now used in North America - horizontal drilling and fracking - get exported around the world. Of course these technologies are 40 years old, but only in the last decade have they been perfected so they can get oil and gas out of shale rock.

02 April 2010 , 11:34Keith SchaeferOil & Gas Investments Bulletin5070

Interview with Badar Humaid Al Ghafri(Deputy drilling manager, Petrogas L.L.C.)

Badar Humaid Al Ghafri: I'm a deputy drilling manager in this company.

03 September 2007 , 12:10Neftegaz.RU5200

Fuad Al-Ansari (Takreer) Information Technology Dept. Manager Business Support Division Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company TAKREER

Fuad Al-Ansari: It is Abu-Dhabi-based oil refining company. We produce oil and gas and have offshore oil refining and gas processing. So I can say that our company realizes the whole process from the oil and gas extraction to the processing and refining. Our company Takreer has 2 refineries: one outside Abu-Dhabi and the second in the western region 550 km away. By the way, 'Takreer' is the Arabian for "refining".

02 August 2007 , 13:25Neftegaz.RU12150

Interview with Mr. Alaeddin I. Al-Badawna, Deputy Manager IT; Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company

Alaeddin I. Al-Badawna: I represent ADMA OPCO, Abu Dhabi Marine operating oil company. We manage the production from the offshore areas.

08 June 2007 , 13:52Neftegaz.RU8240

Interview with Fahmy H. Al-Musharfy, Planning and Economics manager, Daleel Petroleum L.L.C.)

Fahmy H. Al - Musharfy: We have our own ecological system developed. In that system there is a component for environmental management as we have to work in compliance with environmental law. Environmental regulations are controlled by the Ministry of Environment. So we are in touch with the Ministry.

08 June 2007 , 13:35Neftegaz.RU7110

Interview with Mr. Abdulla Al Qadi, Upstream Operations Director, Crescent Petroleum, UAE

Abdulla Al-Qadi: Oil & Gas companies in the Middle East have traditionally been owned and controlled by the state (such as ARAMCO, KOC, and ADNOC), with the exception of the involvement of some of the major IOCs. Crescent Petroleum is in fact the region's oldest indigenous privately owned independent upstream oil and gas company, and has been operating throughout the region for over 35 years now.

22 May 2007 , 13:56Neftegaz.RU9950

An interview with the KhMAO Governor A. Filipenko

Mr. Filipenko, how would you estimate the results of the social economic development of the region in the first half of the year?

A.Filipenko: I would say that the results of the region in the first half of the year are positive, according to key social and economic indexes. Thanks to the energy sector, industrial output has increased more than 10 percent. The growth of oil exploration in the region is 10.7%. It has reached 112.5 million tons.

23 September 2003 , 11:40Neftegaz.RU5840

Interview with Les Condratoff, the President of CEEIA (Canadian Eurasia Energy & Industry Alliance)

ИА Neftegaz.RU: Good afternoon! The first question is - why was it necessary to set up such an organization? Whose initiative was it?

Les Condratoff: The company started in 1989. Actually in Canada there are thousands of associations. At that time in 1989 the former Soviet Union countries were changing and business interest was increasing in that area and there was a feeling among certain parties here that it had to be association to represent the group of people who are interested in former Soviet Union countries. So the association was found on that basis.

11 February 2003 , 11:39Neftegaz.RU6070

Wayne Clifford, Ass't Deputy Minister, International & Intergovernmental Relations

IA Neftegaz.RU: Alberta Province and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region have signed the Agreement on Friendship and Cooperation in 1996. What are social and economic benefits of 6 years realization of this agreement for KhMA Region and Alberta Province? In your opinion what are the similarities and differences of the given regions (geographical, economic, social parameters)?

09 December 2002 , 10:33Neftegaz.RU6830

IA Neftegaz.RU Interviewed Greg Stringham, Vice President of CAPP

Greg Stringham: Hello! It's as simple as that: Canadian Association of Producers Petroleum.

01 November 2002 , 10:57Neftegaz.RU7070

IA Neftegaz.RU Interviewed Minister of Alberta Economic Development, Mark Norris

IA Neftegaz.RU: We are very glad that you have found time to meet with us and to answer our questions. First of all we would like to greet you on behalf of Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous region and its Governor Mr. Philipenko personally. It's not a secret that Alberta and Khanty-Mansiysk are "twinnies" and they have much in common.

04 September 2002 , 11:21Neftegaz.RU5550

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