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September, Wednesday

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Пресс-брифинг, посвященный открытию выставки MIOGE-2007 и Российского Нефтегазового Конгресса

Предлагаем вашему вниманию стенограмму пресс-брифинга, посвященного открытию двух мероприятий: 5 Международного нефтегазового конгресса и 9 Московской международной выставки "Нефть и газ"
16 September 2007 , 15:18Ирина КобзеваNeftegaz.RU10280

Geologists are seeking for oil in the earth?s crust foundation

The world?s science is on its way to the sensational discovery. In spite of disputable opinion that oil is of exclusively organic origin (i.e. is generated out of terrestrial vegetation) there is an idea about its crystalline nature. A number of scientists consider that hydrocarbons are originated in the earth?s crust foundations and which then rise to surface layers. For an average man it means that the earth?s interior could be almost inexhaustible. Such a hypothesis shall be a matter of discussion at an international conference which will be held over 6-8 of September in the exhibition complex ?Kazanskaya Yarmarka?.
06 September 2006 , 09:00Bulat SrurovNeftegaz.RU10400

Caspian Summit: attempt to make an agreement

The April summit of the "five" Caspian countries could become historical, but it hasn?t happened. At the initial stage it was planned to form several intergovernmental agreements, which should be successfully signed by the states heads.
19 July 2002 , 00:59Galina Arsenchuk, Constantin AlexandrovNeftegaz.RU11290

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