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Lots of Hot Air About Hydrogen

Earlier this month, the South Coast Air Quality Management District approved a $4-million program to put a mustache on the Mona Lisa ? at least that's how it seems to me. What the agency actually did was approve spending millions to take 35 or so of the greenest, most energy-efficient sedans ever made ? the hybrid gasoline-electric Toyota Prius ? and turn them all into dirty energy guzzlers.
09 April 2004 , 01:00Joseph J. RommLA Times12900

New century - new ideas

According to scientists, the basis of cosmetics and household means are molecules capable of rendering negative influence on environment. They also assert that it is possible to avoid applications of "harmful" molecules. France, for example, has begun paying attention to this matter long ago.
07 March 2003 , 17:08Nadezhda PaderinaNeftegaz.ru12510

Sand Energy?

Canadians have believed in the Russian invention. The Volgograd scientists of R&D center "GRUS" have declared about "a new form of massive material which acts in its own magnetic field so, that the stationary current in a electrical conductor placed in this field is generated".
19 February 2002 , 09:21Anna GlazovaNeftegaz.ru11600

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