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Russia plans 1st-ever sale of yuan bonds

Russia reportedly prepping a $1 billion yuan-denominated bond issuance in an effort to preemptively diversify financing risks away from the West.

04 December 2017 , 00:02Zerohedge economics blogNeftegaz.RU3520

Why Saudi Arabia is easing taxes on its state oil company

The Saudi government has issued a royal decree overhauling the corporate income tax for oil and natural gas companies that will be retroactively applied to the beginning of the year.

03 April 2017 , 00:02StratforNeftegaz.RU5620

OVL raises $1 billion debt to fund Vankor acquisition

ONGC Videsh Ltd has raised $1 billion through a US dollar bonds issue to finance its acquisition of 15% stake in Russia's 2nd biggest oil field Vankor, its Managing Director Narendra K Verma said.

19 December 2016 , 12:30Neftegaz.RU5790

The end of a trend: oil prices and economic growth

It used to be that when it came to the world economy, oil prices and economic growth were more like distant cousins who disliked each other rather than a happily married couple always seen nuzzling together in public.

07 August 2016 , 21:22Kurt Cobb, Resource InsightsNeftegaz.RU6940

Russia and the World Trade Organization: a complex relationship

After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the Russian Federation adopted, through what it was called the “shock therapy”, the market economy and the capitalism system. 4 years later, as a consequence of an always more globalized economy, the former trade agreement called GATT (general agreement on tariffs and trade) was replaced by a new entity: the world trade organization (WTO).

01 June 2010 , 14:01Gregory PereyNeftegaz.RU102260

How the Kremlin will resolve Russian economic structural problems

Russia in 2010, after having to deal these last two years with a dramatic decline of its economy, can see the future with more optimism.

07 May 2010 , 12:35Gregory PereyNeftegaz.RU52330

Strategic investments opportunities in case of oil peak

Earlier this week, British company Desire PLC began drilling in an offshore block of theFalkland Islands. Immediately, Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner let loose with a howl of rage, and the Summit of Latin American and Caribbean Unity issued a protest against the British company's drilling operations.

01 March 2010 , 15:02Martin HutchinsonMoney Morning20260

Greece banckruptcy or the crisis which will change Europe

Plutus, the Greek god of wealth, did not have an easy life. As the myth goes, Plutus wanted to grant riches only to the "the just, the wise, the men of ordered life." Zeus blinded him out of jealousy of mankind (and envy of the good), leaving Plutus to indiscriminately distribute his favors.

16 February 2010 , 14:11Simon Johnson, Peter BooneThe Wall Street Journal23180

Warrent Buffett Offshore oil advices

Commodities, particularly crude, were trending down last week after China's Central Bank raised bank reserve requirements boosting the US dollar against other major currencies...

15 February 2010 , 10:39Dian L. ChuEconomic Forecasts & Opinions29040

Shield pullback could aid investors long-term

Investors could see some long-term trade and other benefits if a U.S. move to back away from a missile shield in Eastern Europe yields improvements in relations with Russia.

But it could raise other risks.

18 September 2009 , 12:24Reuters28130

What Will Be the Fate of Russia’s Oligarchs?

Russian oligarchs came about as an unforeseen consequence of Gorbachev’s partial market liberalization process, when rare commodities were smuggled into the country to be sold with large profit margins.
08 November 2008 , 10:36Jo AmeyNeftegaz.RU13790

Is a ‘Gas OPEC’ More Trouble Than It Is Worth?

Talks of an OPEC-style gas cartel are nothing new. The idea has existed in some form since at least as far back as 1980, when a group of exporters - including OPEC members like Algeria, as well as Mexico and the Netherlands - sought to charge consumers a higher price for their product as oil prices spiralled.
04 November 2008 , 07:44Jo AmeyNeftegaz.RU16970

Are 1998 Echoes Haunting Russia?

The Russian stock market last week saw its most severe decline since the shattering economic collapse of 1998, after suffering the lethal combination of worldwide financial mayhem, falling commodity prices and a local credit crunch.
09 October 2008 , 16:59Jo AmeyNeftegaz.RU11010

World Bank Believes economy should not be seriously affected by credit crunch

International organizations and rating agencies yesterday released differing assessments of the situation in Russian markets. Fitch said that despite the efforts of the authorities, the credit crunch may lead to a growth slowdown, and pointed out that the banking sector remains the Achilles heel of the country’s economy.
18 September 2008 , 13:39Tatiana Orlovacbonds.info13560

Will global oil prices head upward next year?

This year's oil market witnessed spiral price hikes as global crude supplies did not keep pace with growing demand. It had a great impact on the global economy and people's daily life. Will global oil prices head upward next year? Economists and market analysts have offered varying assessments on the trend in oil prices for next year.
28 July 2006 , 00:00Xinhuanet agency8780


Khodorkovsky Givers Market a Boost...
31 March 2004 , 17:139730


The profit-taking seen earlier in the week...
25 March 2004 , 13:4511310


The Russian market had another record setting day on Thursday as...
19 March 2004 , 15:368970


The Russian equity market was relatively flat yesterday ahead of weekend elections...
11 March 2004 , 14:538850


With a 6% jump in the RTS Index during the past week and a 12.3% boost in the last month...
03 March 2004 , 15:378120

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