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Страна: South Korea
Регион: Daegu
Город: Dong-gu
Почтовый адрес: 120, Cheomdan-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea
Телефон: (+82)53-670-0114
Факс: (+82)53-670-0117
Электронный адрес:


KOGAS an abbreviation for Korea Gas Corporation, was incorporated by the Korean government in 1983. Since its founding, it has grown to become the world's largest LNG importer.

KOGAS currently operates four LNG terminals and a nationwide pipeline network spanning over 4,440km.

KOGAS supplies LNG to power plants and utility companies throughout South Korea, and produces and supplies LNG products to domestic and overseas markets. It imports come around the world, including from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Oman, Qatar, and Russia.

It produces and supplies natural gas, purifies and sells gas-related by-products, builds and operates production facilities and distribution network, and explores, imports and exports natural gas for domestic and overseas markets.

Number of Employees 3,674 (as of June, 2016)

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