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Politics // Poland turns to Norwegian gas to trump Russia

Increased tensions with Russia over its plans to build the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany is pushing Poland to revive a stalled pipeline project with Norway.
Warsaw’s main goal is to find other gas suppliers when its current contract with Russia’s Gazprom expires in 2022.

24 October 2016 , 00:01Anca GurzuNeftegaz.RU2100

Daily news

Companies // GridPoint Dynamics calls for an open dialogue for development of national IT industry for fuel and energy complex

GridPoint Dynamics“Competitive national software and IT solutions for fuel and energy complex (FEC) exist in our country for many years already, and Russian developers have been opened for a dialogue and fair discussion of development of national IT industry for FEC for long”, stated I. I. Yefremov, Director General, LLC “GridPoint Dynamics”, speaking at the Interregional Industrial Congress in Moscow, October 12, 2016.

20 October 2016 , 14:29Neftegaz.RU2340

Oil and gas worldwide // India: Rosneft and BP entry may fuel retail competition

India's fuel retailing sector is poised for unprecedented competition with Russia's Rosneft and Britain's BP set to operate petrol pumps with global best practices, which can shake up the state dominated sector and give consumers international quality service.

20 October 2016 , 13:12Sanjeev ChoudharyNeftegaz.RU2740

Society // Saudi Arabia Drilling Academy opens

Supported and funded by private drilling companies, Saudi Arabia Drilling Academy (SADA) in Abqaiq is provided with logistic support by Saudi Aramco.

19 October 2016 , 16:01Neftegaz.RU2660

Transportation and storage // Estonia and Finland ink gas link deal

Estonian state owned transmission system operator Elering and the Finnish state owned company Baltic Connector have signed an agreement to co-operate in carrying out the Balticconnector project to link their two grids by means of a 150-km pipeline.

18 October 2016 , 16:03Linas JegeliviciusNeftegaz.RU2960
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