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Top News

Companies // Rosneft and North Atlantic Drilling expand offshore partnership

Rosneft and North Atlantic Drilling Ltd. have entered into long-term offshore drilling contracts.

31 July 2014 , 11:16Neftegaz.RU2340

Daily news

Companies // Joint Shipping Initiative funds new phase of anti-piracy project in Somalia

The Joint Shipping Initiative - made up of Shell, BP, Maersk, Stena and Japanese shipping companies NYK, MOL and “K” Line – today announced it has given $1.5 million of additional funds to a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project to improve the lives of Somalis and security for seafarers.

26 September 2014 , 15:24Neftegaz.RU1020

Companies // Gas discovery in Pingvin

Operator Statoil has together with PL713 partners made a gas discovery in the Pingvin prospect in the Barents Sea. The discovery is a play opener in a frontier unexplored area of the Barents Sea northwest of Johan Castberg.

26 September 2014 , 15:19Neftegaz.RU920

Rumour of the day

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Companies // Total Energy Ventures Invests in NexSteppe

24 September 2014 , 17:14Neftegaz.RU770

Companies // Statoil steps up advocacy on carbon pricing and methane reduction efforts

Statoil CEO Helge Lund addresses the company's climate commitments today at the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit in New York.

23 September 2014 , 15:09Neftegaz.RU800

Companies // New compressor = 220 million extra barrels

The new compressor in operation on the Kvitebjørn field in the North Sea from 17 September will increase production there by 220 million barrels of oil equivalent and extend the field’s lifetime with eight years.

22 September 2014 , 13:00Neftegaz.RU1060

Conferences&Exhibitions // Offshore Marintec Russia to host top players of the global energy and shipbuilding market

October 7-10 Pavilion 1 of ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre in St. Petersburg will host the International Specialised Offshore Exhibition and Conference Offshore Marintec Russia dedicated to the Arctic continental shelf infrastructure development.

18 September 2014 , 12:27Neftegaz.RU740

Oil and gas worldwide // Production started from Fram H-North and Svalin C

Statoil’s fast-track development projects are increasing the company’s and partners’ oil and gas production through a combination of standardised subsea development solutions and utilisation of infrastructure in a manner which helps extend the lifetime of existing fields.

10 September 2014 , 13:17Neftegaz.RU1090

Companies // Siemens hands over Shuweihat S3 combined-cycle power plant in Abu Dhabi

  •             Installed electrical capacity of 1600 megawatts
  •              Power to help accommodate increasing population and industrial growth
02 September 2014 , 14:39Neftegaz.RU2510

Question of the week

Will the russian South stream be launched or russian politics will come to a settlement with ukranian collegues?

the South stream will be launched
Russa and Ukraine will come to a settlement and ukranian gas piplene sistem will be renewed
the South stream?! what is it?